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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Your wedding day is the perfect time to shower your family and special friends with hospitality. We’ll show you how!


Wedding Reception Guests Photo Group Dance Floor

Take One Photo With All Your Guests On The Dance Floor

After all the reception formalities have finished, and right before you kick off the dance floor, invite your guests to gather round for one amazing group photo. Whether they admit it or not, all your guests will love being included in this memory of your special day – and you can cherish it forever as the one photo from your wedding day that included everyone.


Provide Flip Flops for Tired Feet

It’s silly to expect women in fabulous shoes to dance the night away on a hard dance floor. If you want your party to go all. night. long. then consider providing basic flip flops in a range of sizes. Place them next to the dance floor in a cute crate with a sign and your dance party will last until the wee hours.


Hire a Great DJ

Nothing is worse than a bad DJ. Don’t skimp here! Hire a DJ with AMAZING reviews online, a great personality, and a vast knowledge of decades of music. Your DJ should be great on the microphone (professional, fun, and not too chatty) and know just when your dance floor is ready for some Lizzo.


Personalize The Menu Cards

How lovely! A menu card with the guest’s name printed at the top provides a warm welcome as guests are seated for dinner. They aren’t wondering where they should sit at the table – you’ve made it easy for them! Also to note, if you have offered an entree selection, go the extra mile and only list that guest’s entree on their menu card (instead of all the entree selections). They sent their RSVP weeks ago and they might not remember what they selected. A personalized menu card will be a subtle reminder of what they will be served for dinner.


Provide Soft Seating

Everyone needs a time out once in awhile! Lounge furniture can be the perfect touch to your reception for weary guests and those who just want to chat for a bit. A couple sofas, a few side chairs, and a coffee table are all you need to create a conversation area that is welcoming and appreciated by your guests.

This list is by no means complete! There are so many ways to show your nearest and dearest how much you care for them. Use your imagination and insert a little of your personalities in to make a grand gesture that will not long be forgotten.

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