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What are the “New” Wedding Trends?

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

As some traditions slip out of fashion, what will be next to take their place?

We all love traditions, but some just don’t make any sense in today’s world (did we ever tell you about the “Apron Dance”???). You may still want to include some meaningful elements in your wedding day, but those elements could be a bit more modern and forward-thinking. Here are a few to consider:

Privately speaking your vows to your fiance prior to the ceremony.

wedding ceremony vow first look bride groom outdoor june
Just after their first look photos, Lindsay and James read their vows to each other in private.

As you may know, we are big fans of the First Look Photo. This private time with you and your fiance is so special and meaningful that we encourage it with every couple.

Lately, some couples have also chosen to privately read each other their vows during this time. It is a moment when you can really listen to each other and receive the promises from your future spouse.

And from one who has been there…due to your nervousness during the actual ceremony, you might not be able to process the words he/she is saying! Been there.

Definitely something to think about if you are considering a First Look Photo!

Smoke Bomb Exits or Photos

wedding party photo smoke bomb outdoor
These smoke bombs are sold by

So. Much. Fun! We love the look of these photos – they can show your bright personalities, symbolize LGBTQ pride, or raise your guests’ energy by tenfold.

Now, a few words to the wise…

They are a little dangerous. We recommend only using these before everyone has had their fair share of cocktails.

They are not permitted everywhere. Make sure you check with your city and venue first!

They can stain clothing. See how the wedding party in this photo holds their smoke bombs up high? That is to minimalize the risk of the smoke bomb staining or burning a hole in their garments.

Incorporating Your “Matchmakers” Into the Ceremony

wedding ceremony aisle flower girl tradition
Ann & Craig were introduced by these lovely ladies at their church.

Do you struggle with how to thank the person/people that introduced you to each other? Some couples, like Craig & Ann, asked their “matchmakers” to be the Flower Girls at their wedding ceremony.

They were honored and the guests were thrilled!

Oh, and they walked down the aisle to “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof!

Groomsmaids and Bridesmen

wedding party ceremony outdoor fall flowers bridesmaids groomsmaids bridesmen
Nicole included ALL of her best friends in her wedding…men and women.

No longer are the bride attendants all female or the groom attendants all male. We love this trend and hope that more couples are comfortable including their male AND female besties in their wedding party.

Maybe you have a brother you’d like on your “side”? Maybe he has a sister?

There are no rules any longer (thank goodness!) about who you choose to stand with you on your wedding day!

Including your Grandparents

wedding ceremony reception jewish challah grandparents
In the Jewish tradition, the Grandfathers bless and break the challah bread, then serve it to the guests before dinner begins.

Now, before you jump on us for a technicality, we realize that this has been a long standing tradition in Jewish weddings. But, we love the idea of incorporating grandparents into the wedding and we just don’t see much of this in non-Jewish weddings.

The symbolism of the Blessing of the Challah is very important in Jewish culture, but if you are not Jewish, the act of breaking bread with your grandparents (or including them in another way) can still be a meaningful part of your wedding day.

Most of us have a deep love and cherished memories of growing up with our grandparents, so it is a beautiful gesture to include them as part of the wedding.

Here are a few other ideas:

Reading(s) during the ceremony

Blessing before dinner

Toast during reception

Anniversary Dance during reception

Have fun with this and I’m sure your grandparents will be thrilled to know that you thought of them as inspiration for your wedding day.

Photo: Kimberly Potterf Photography

Photo: Angela Fortin Photography

Photo: Ali Bonomo Photography

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