In addition, Z Creative manages & coordinates these areas:
- Catering
- Graphic Design
- Printing
- Hotels
- Legality and Permitting
- Transportation & Shuttles
- Rentals and Decor
- Sponsors Exhibitors
- Staffing and Volunteers

We will work on your behalf to:
- Develop and execute an appropriate event theme
- Create, manage, and monitor the event budget
- Scout venues appropriate for your event and budget
- Build the perfect vendor team
- Design an amazing décor plan
- Manage the event planning process from start to finish
- Coordinate on-site during the event

Z Creative specializes in the design, planning, and management OF charity events, conferences, appreciation events, product launches, fundraisers, galas, grand openings, and more.

No matter what you’re dreaming of, it’s our job to make it come to life.

The Z Creative portfolio is diverse and includes unique events created and executed for clients in multiple industries.


Whether it’s a one-day conference or an annual convention with exhibits, Z Creative creates a custom experience that’s rich in detail and full of personality. From site visits and floor plans, to vendor contracts and hotel room blocks, the details are the difference in a professional production. We thrive on those seemingly insignificant tasks because we understand that those details make a difference in the attendee experience.

No event can be a hit if the guests don’t have a seamless experience from invite to attendance. Organized event management and logistical expertise is the key to success.

It’s Our Experience That Sets Us Apart When it comes to corporate special events, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success (wouldn’t that be nice!). Through years of experience and expertise, we've created an approach that combines style with originality, and vision with meticulous details for events that exceed your expectations.

As business professionals, we’re collaborative and creative. We take the time to get to know your company’s culture, personality, and audience – the ups and downs, the history and future vision. It’s our job to understand your company, your needs, and your style aesthetic to create a sophisticated, unique, and fun event.



Fluvitex USA is a subsidiary of Masias Maquinaria. Masias produces the equipment that Fluvitex uses to produce textiles. This Spanish company has one client: IKEA. Fluvitex is the sole producer of fiber-filled pillows and comforters to IKEA. Producing over 4 million pillows and 1 million comforters per year, Fluvitex follows IKEA's model for efficiency and long-term supplier relationships.


The 124,000 square foot factory is 60 percent larger than it's Spanish counterpart. The grand opening campaign included invitations to a variety of groups, including Columbus 2020, JobsOhio, and the IKEA executive team. The factory is now open and runs two shifts daily. 


Draw media attention to the grand opening event. More specifically:
1. Present a professional introduction to Fluvitex 

2. Represent IKEA and Fluvitex in a highly professional manner

3. Conduct small-group tours of facility

4. Introduce the workforce and highlight job creation to the media


The Fluvitex team is very proud and so happy to be in the United States. They are patriotic for both their home country of Spain, the home of IKEA in Switzerland, and their new home in the United States. The factory is spotless - so efficient and tidy. We knew that the small-group tours were going to be successful if they were led by Fluvitex management. We were tasked with on-site registration, all aspects of the speaker presentations including audio/visual coordination, event timeline, catering, and the ribbon cutting event. 


Z Creative began by working with Fluvitex to develop an event timeline that would keep the event moving smoothly. Fluvitex provided us with the guest list and we facilitated guest arrival an on-site registration. Many vendors were secured within the event budget, including catering, staffing, and decor. Speaking of decor, our theme became red, white, and blue, to celebrate the United States. A large seating area and stage with a/v projection was created for the dignitary presentations. Next to the stage, we designed the ribbon-cutting area that was large enough for the proud executives to all join together for this event. Following the small-group tours, we designed a reception-style luncheon with an excellent caterer and both standing and seated tables. The 3-hour event received much media coverage in Columbus, Ohio, and introduced Fluvitex as a quality supplier and jobs creator for central Ohio.

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