As some traditions slip out of fashion, what will be next to take their place? We all love traditions, but some just don’t make any sense in today’s world (did we ever tell you about the “Apron Dance”???). You may still want to include some meaningful elements in your wedding day, but those elements could […]

Sometimes, you just have to touch it to know if you like it… When you begin planning your wedding, couples usually start with gathering stuff. Information, samples, swatches, etc. For those that have a hard time visualizing, these items can help to form a wedding picture in your mind. Did you know that many sites […]

Your wedding day is the perfect time to shower your family and special friends with hospitality. We’ll show you how! 1 Take One Photo With All Your Guests On The Dance Floor After all the reception formalities have finished, and right before you kick off the dance floor, invite your guests to gather round for […]

It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Budget Sure, when you are first engaged it’s fun to dream about all the amazing details of your wedding. But, there comes a time to get down to business. Where to start? Any good Wedding Planner will tell you – start with your budget and your guest list. […]

We love a brunch wedding. There is something so unique and fun about a social event that takes place in the late morning. Yet, many couples haven’t considered this time of day for their wedding. Let’s talk about a few special touches that you can only find at a brunch wedding… 1. A Bloody Mary […]

Several clients have considered and asked my advice on a friend or family member serving as the officiant at their wedding. My answer is always the same: What an amazing way to personalize this important day! Now, I am not usually in favor of giving friends and family “tasks” for your wedding, but this is […]

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